About GIGA Society

GIGA Society is the world’s most unique high-IQ association for those who scored IQ 190 SD15 on the high-range IQ test. The society has the vision to become an official society for people with Giga level IQ 190.

The term Giga is an abbreviation of gigabyte, meaning 1 billion, and Giga society is a group of people with an IQ of 1 in 1 billion. As such, the term Giga is a generic noun that cannot be patented.

The official GIGA Society differs from other giga-level societies in that it adopts scores from a variety of high-range IQ tests in the world. one of the giga-level societies only accepts the scores of one author’s tests as admission tests. This is a very biased policy. To break this atrocity, the official GIGA Society considers the world’s excellent high-range tests as admission tests.

The official GIGA Society was originally established in 2001 as the Esoteriq Society by Masaaki Yamauchi. The GIGA Society shares the history and spirit of the Esoteriq Society. Currently, the two societies are operating independently.

At the office of the GIGA Society, YoungHoon Kim, Masaaki Yamauchi, and Iakovos Koukas serve as GIGA Society administrators.