Accepted IQ Test

High-range IQ tests were developed experimentally to measure IQ in the very high range. Based on these high-range IQ tests, GIGA Society assesses extremely high human intelligence, up to IQ 190 (SD 15).

KIT (by YoungHoon Kim)

Hoeflin Power Test (by Ronald K. Hoeflin)

Eureka Test (by N. Lygeros)

G-test (by N. Lygeros)

916 (by Laurent Dubois)

Hyper Test (by Laurent Dubois)

LSHR (by Ivan Ivec)

LSHR Light (by Ivan Ivec)

DOT&LINE&PLANE (by Tianxi Yu)

Death Figures (by Tianxi Yu)

Ivory Tower (by Tianxi Yu)

Cats Are Tailors (by Mahir Wu)

LDA-SWaN (by Gianluigi Lombardi)

Challenger (by Zoran Bijac)

Other tests may also be considered for admission. However, WAIS and Stanford-Binet are invalid as admission tests for GIGA Society membership.