Kathy Kendrick is the editor of GIGA Society.

Kathy Kendrick lives in the USA and attended Liberty University, where she received her bachelor of science (summa cum laude) in interdisciplinary studies with cognate areas of mathematics and social science.

In her professional experience, Kathy has held various roles, including corporate executive, medical and academic transcriptionist, homeschool teacher, tutor, algebra 2 master teacher for HSLDA, genetic genealogist, and editor.

Kathy maintains memberships in a number of high-IQ societies, some of which include International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE), ISI-Society, Mensa, and Intertel.

Currently, Kathy Kendrick holds the office of vice president of ISPE, and she has also been serving as editor-in-chief of ISPE’s journal, Telicom, since 2018.