About GIGA Society

GIGA Society is an extremely high IQ society for those who scored IQ 190 SD15 on an acceptable high range IQ test. We pride ourselves on being the official GIGA Society and aspires to be an official society for geniuses with a Giga level IQ of 190.

The official GIGA Society is distinct from other giga-level societies in that it uses scores from a variety of high range IQ tests from around the world. As admission tests, one of the giga-level societies mainly accepts the results of one author’s tests. This is an extremely biased policy. To end this atrocity, the official GIGA Society accepts the world’s best high range tests as admission tests.

The official GIGA Society was originally established in 2001 as the Esoteriq Society by Masaaki Yamauchi. GIGA Society shares the history and spirit of the Esoteriq Society. Currently, the two societies are operating independently.

At the office of GIGA Society, YoungHoon Kim, Masaaki Yamauchi, Claus Volko, and Kathy Kendrick serve as GIGA Society administrators. In the official GIGA Society, GIGA stands for Global Intellectual Giga Association.

GIGA Society has a total of nine members worldwide. Members from Asia, Europe, and America gathered for GIGA Society. Their professional backgrounds range from MIT graduates to university professors. GIGA Society awaits geniuses from all over the world. Are you eligible to become a member of GIGA Society?

About High Range IQ Test

The high range IQ test was developed experimentally to measure IQ in the very high range. The official IQ tests, such as the Wechsler and Stanford-Binet, limit the measurement range of adult IQ to approximately IQ 160. (SD15). However, human intelligence can be calculated statistically theoretically up to roughly IQ 195 (SD15) or higher. High range IQ tests have been developed as a result of this statistical reason. The high range IQ test is divided into three categories: verbal, numerical, and spatial. According to the high range IQ test, an individual may have high intelligence in one or more categories.

The standardization method of these tests is where these tests can be evaluated as having a strong experimental tendency. When these tests are standardized, obtaining sufficient data is difficult because the statistical range of the measurement range is extremely rare. Scores based on the preliminary norm are also subject to such skepticism. Even so, it is difficult to argue that the reliability and validity of high range IQ tests are not guaranteed, given that people who perform well on these tests also perform well on the official IQ tests.

Based on these high range IQ tests, GIGA Society assesses humans’ extremely high intelligence up to IQ 190 (SD15). One of the GIGA Society’s missions is to find excellent high range IQ tests. This mission is currently overseen by a council of three members.


  1. Untimed High range IQ test score ≥ IQ 190 SD15 (1st or 2nd attempt)
  2. One test would be limited only per one member.
  3. Tests are adopted through review by external advisors and internal administrators.

Membership Types

  1. There is only full membership at the GIGA Society.
  2. Membership is free of charge

Membership Benefits

  1. The function of the GIGA Society is to certify the GIGA intelligence level of each member. Therefore, all Giga Society 190 members can obtain an official IQ 190 SD15 certificate from the society.
  2. Members also share secret forums where they can talk to each other and work on secret projects together.

NOTE: Giga is an abbreviation for gigabyte, which means one billion, and Giga society is a group of people with an IQ of one in one billion. As a result, the term “Giga” is a generic noun that cannot be trademarked.