GIGA committee of the official GIGA Society was established to secure democracy and fairness in administration, introduce specialized knowledge, and discuss decision-making by the soceity. Currently, the President of GIGA Society is Dr. Tom Chittenden who is an Honorary Professor in the Department of Artificial Intelligence at the University of London, UK.

Tom Chittenden, PhD, DPhil, PStat (USA)

Raymond Keene, OBE (UK)

Manahel Thabet, PhD (KSA)

Ivan Ivec, PhD (Croatia)

Tim Roberts, PhD (Australia)

Kirk Butt, ThD, PhD (Canada)

Eick Sternhagen, DPhil (Germany)

Ilia Stambler, PhD (Israel)

Mark Tabladillo, PhD (USA)

Simon Olling Rebsdorf, PhD (Denmark)

Amit M. Shelat, DO (USA)

Dr. M. M. Karindas, MD (Netherlands)

Claus D. Volko, MD, MSc (Austria)

Masaaki Yamauchi (Japan)

Kathy Kendrick (USA)